Friday, November 18, 2005

The sexy Lady

This week all the familly went to the supermarket for the big sale. When we came back Hal, Reese, Dewey and me (Malcolm) were fixed on the new publicity, a sexy lady, from the strip club. So when we were home Lois said that she didn`t want us to watch TV, so Reese, Dewey and I went to the strip club to vandalie the publicity, when I dropped my paint bottle. During this time Reese was writing “I want Reese” but he stopped at “Re” because I stopped him. My paint bottle fell in the parking lot of the pharmacy and my mother was commig out of there. At the same time the light turned on and my mother saw us.I felt so uncomfortable because I knew that she was goint to punish us. Then I had a good idea, I took the Reese`s paint bottle to finish his job and I wrote “I want respect”. All the ladies were on our side and I was proud of myself and my brother too, because she couldn`t punish us. The police and the television arrived. We were heros for all the ladies but my mother knew that it wasn`t true. She wanted us to come down and the police didn`t want because it was good for the mayor because the election was close. She said to the cemera that Dewey has a big disease and if he didn`t take his medicine he could die, so the mayor organized us to come down.

Monday, October 31, 2005

Hal Sleepwalks

The theme of this episode was Hal Sleepwalks. So the character that I chose is Hal because he was in a funny situation.
In three days is my 20th wedding anniversary and I have no idea what to buy for Lois. So I became nervous and I started to be a sleepwalker and I ask Reese for some ideas for presents. Then Reese got the idea to brainwash me when I`m nervous. For example Reese asked me to give him 20 dollars for school tomorrow. After that, Reese told Lois and she told me what she wanted for our 20th wedding anniversary and she asked me to change the baby every time he made a present.
During the day I felt very nervous because I had no ideas for a present and I did a lot of strange things that I found normal and Reese found funny. Everybody laughed at me and I didn`t understand why. They all took advantage of me and I didn`t care because I really didn`t know. So at the end I was really happy because I found the perfect present for Lois: a kit for her vacuum cleaner, and I don`t know why but I `m very happy to change the baby.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

The dustman

Q : Why did Hal had a big mountain of garbage on his lawn?
A : Because he go dropped a garbage bag on the dustman`s lawn.

Q : Why couldn`t Hal picked up all the garbage?
A : Because he had to rent a garbage truck and he didn`t have driver`s licence to drive the

Q : Why did Lois not like the publicity at her job?
A: Because she found that a black man with a broom and a beer is a kind of racism.

Q : Why did Malcolm not want to remove the publicity?
A : Because it was his boss that told Malcolm to install it.

Q : How did Hal finally picked up his garbage?
A : He went to the dustman`s place to say he was sorry and he made abig supper just for him with wine.

Monday, September 26, 2005


The theme of this episode was Thanksgiving. Malcolm told to his mother that he didn’t want to stay for supper because he knew that it would be boring like every year. He prefered to go to his freind’s party to drink beer. During this time his older brother Reese made a really big supper. The whole family was sitting around the table enjoying Reese’s supper when Malcolm came back home really drunk. He started to criticize everbody. Than he stopped and he took the turkey to got sick in it, and all the family got sick at the same time. The day after Malcom woke up with a big headache.

Monday, September 12, 2005

My TV show

My TV show is Malcolm in the Middle. This show talks about the life of a family. In each episode, there is a new story. Every story can happen in any family in the world. But these stories are more funny than real life. There are six people in the family, the mother Lois, the father Hal and their four suns, Malcolm, Dewey, Reese, and Francis. Malcolm is the main character and he goes to secondary school and he’s a really good student but he has some difficulty with other students. I like this show because it’s very funny and it makes me laugh and everybody sees them like a crazy family.